Aspire Sports UK

Brand New Content For 2017!

Aspire Sports UK are joining the Big Family Festival to help engage more children and their parents in physical activity.

The popular Birmingham based company will be offering a range of action packed activities over the course of the weekend, catering for children aged two upwards on the ‘Aspire Arena’.
Pre-schoolers, toddlers and their parents can join in ‘Move with Peppa’ sessions and follow the popular TV character Peppa Pig in a range of fun, episode led activities.

Children who need support learning to ride their bikes will be given a boost of confidence with balance bike training, whilst older children will explore how to master their scooter skills.

Other activities are set to include a range of alternative sporting activities such as ultimate Frisbee and flag football as well as traditional sports.

All Activities will be booked on a first come first served basis each day.

Move with Peppa
Move with Peppa is a fun, physical activity programme for children aged 18 months to five years. Being a confident mover is as important as numeracy and literacy – not only do toddlers need to be active for 180 minutes every day, they also need to learn a variety of physical skills and develop movement confidence. And what better character than Peppa Pig to inspire our younger generations to be active? We encourage parents/carers to join in jumping in muddy puddles and other Peppa activities.

Balance bikes

Aspire will build confidence, spatial awareness and balancing skills, enabling you to learn to ride a bike without ever needing stabilisers, whilst also creating a life-long passion for cycling!
Using scooters as a fun and active way to introduce basic safety messages while developing fundamental skills and encouraging physical activity. Whizzing around on two wheels, you can take part in challenges and team games.
Multi sports
Multi sports is a huge range of sports, physical activities and alternative activities such as;
Flag football
A mini version of American Football where you will get used to throwing the ball and dodging your opponents to score points.
Get used to catching and passing the disc in a series of fun games before taking on a game of Ultimate Frisbee!
Nerf gun battle
Navigate through obstacle courses of tunnels and jumps while dodging your opponents and test your accuracy with a Nerf Gun in fun challenges and duels.
Active Families
Parents and carers have a vital role to play in engaging their children in lifelong physical activity. Our Active Families programme is designed to introduce and develop awareness of the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle in a fun, challenging and practical manner. We use physical activity as the driving force to enhance self-esteem and confidence while increasing participation trends.